Wen Haircare: How It Works

If you’re on the hunt for a hair product that can transform your hair, Wen hair cleansing conditioner is for you. Known for its abilities to strengthen and improve the appearance and quality of your hair, this conditioner is a three in one product. Shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment can be found in one bottle- amazing, right? You will be just as amazed as one young woman who decided to experiment with the sephora popular product in a one week trial, in which, she found that the results were spectacular. Read it here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html
On the first day, alone, this woman noticed that her hair had a softness to it she’s never had before. One thing she noted in the middle of her experiment was that it is most definitely meant for use before going about your day and that sleeping on it can have an oily effect. Once she realized this, she washed and styled her hair every morning, only to find soft, shiny and bouncier hair. Something she is definitely not used to, having normally thin hair.

For those of you unfamiliar with WEN hair products, the line has been popular among celebrities for quite some time. It’s creator, Chaz Dean is a well known celebrity stylist in Hollywood. His line features different varieties for each and every hair type. No matter what type of hair you have, Wen will have a product designed to transform your hair into the beautiful, bouncy and voluminous hair you see in magazines.

George Soros Secures his Financial Future

George Soros made preparations on the last quarter for the gloomy times ahead. The billionaire dialed back his investments in the US stock by over a third, betted against equities and banked on Gold.

The value of the publicly disclosed holdings of Soros Fund Management dropped by 37% reaching to $3.5 billion as of end of March. This was according to a filling by the government. Soros’ firm disclosed that it owned bearish option contracts on the SPDR 500 ETF Trust’s 2.1 million shares, which is an exchange-traded fund tracking Standard and Poor’s 500 Index.

George Soros also purchased the bullish options contracts on 1 million shares in SPDR Gold Trust that tracks bullion’s price. The fund also took a share in the Barrick Gold Corp., estimated at $264 million. Barrick Gold Corp. is the biggest metal producer in the world. Soros acquisition of Barrick’s 1.7 % stake made the fund to be the largest US-listed holding.

What makes Soros’ decision to be wise, is the fact that Gold and gold stocks are among the direct beneficiaries of a “risk-off” environment. It is well known that Gold has been the strongest performing market in 2016. In addition, the gold stocks keep on being the strongest performers on the Wall Street.

The recap can be found on Bloomberg.

Soros Warns of Chinese Collapse

George Soros has warned of risks that are likely to stem from the Chinese economy. He argues that China’s debt-fueled economy matches that of the US before the 2007/08 global financial crisis. Soros, in January, said that the collapse of the Chinese economy was unavoidable and such a slump would make global deflationary pressures worse, drag down stocks, and improve US government bonds.

Since he made these comments on http://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/, Soros has been met with criticism. Some detractors argue that China’s debt would not taint China’s economy, leave alone spilling into the rest of the world.

According to BNP Paribas, the Chinese public debt amounts to 58% of more than the GDP of $10.4 trillion, and the corporate debt has amounted to 157%. One of the theories goes that; China faces shrinking margin efficiency as credit continues to contribute gradually less to the US.
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George Soros

George Soros, 85, is a renowned investor. He currently chairs the Soros Fund Management, which is a privately owned family office. He established the office after returning his investors’ capital. Soros is well known for breaking the bank of England; where he shorted British pounds worth $10 billion and garnered a profit of $1 billion in the 1992 UK currency crisis.

Soros is also well known as a supporter of the American Liberal political and American progressive causes, where he has donated over $11 billion to different philanthropic causes. He also played a pivotal role in transition of Eastern Europe from communism to capitalism.

Inspired by Love and Nature

Having a perfect event or party with all things planned to go as expected is one of the best feelings one can have after preparing for an occasion. However, it is sometimes hard to plan for a party all by yourself, because it is tiring and the many factors involved in planning for the best occasion. Because of this, there are people and companies involved in offering the required services of planning and catering in different events and parties.
One such company dedicated to giving you the ultimate game satisfaction is Jessica Boskoff’s Twenty Three Layers, which specializes in events such as corporate events, family occasions, and wedding parties to give the perfect and memorable, once in a live experience. Her love and liking for bright colors make her one of the recognized individuals in event planning. The designers in the company are also people who are color and design lovers at heart and love what they do hence provide the best service available.
The New York-based event planning firm covers all sorts of events from weddings to charity functions and weddings. They offer first quality services from the best-known vendors in the nation. They also offer production, lighting, printing, photography, event insurance and budget management. To Jessica Boskoff, being able to plan the best event will require you to have a love and passion for planning, designing, and creativity to discover new things and do something different each time. Her team of designers and event planners and organizers all work with full passion, dedication, and love of what they do to ensure the complete results.
Jessica Boskoff insists that detail is important in every event planning, and satisfaction of the client is the motivation. It inspires her to encourage others and to see them happy gives her the motivation to do more and better designs and be more creative. In doing anything, it is vital to have a full dedication and love to ensure that all love the result. The company, Twenty Three Layers is one so company that has a very likely prosperous future ahead.

Doe Deere Sets Beauty Bar High With 2 Million Instagram Followers


It’s time for a Lime Crime celebration, because the makeup company has just recorded its 2 millionth and counting Instagram follower.

That’s not bad for a young businesswoman born in Russia with little more than a big dream and the wonderful fantasy of unicorns to keep her motivated. Doe Deere has captured social media by storm and a global base of fans who love putting on colorful makeup that has an edge.

Doe Deere is proud of being internet savvy, because she understands how essential it is for a company’s image to be featured online. Not only is she selling Lime Crime makeup to the masses, but engaging her loyal community of unicorns, and they have responded.

Doe Deere’s Instagram is one of the most colorful and creative pages out there. One only has to visit her
Instagram to check out all the crazy, wild cosmetics she has created when fans submit inspirational selfies with the hashtag ‘#limecrime.’

Doe Deere began her company in 2008, offering young women and men a different way to look at makeup and the definitions of beauty. Her cosmetics are bright, bold and trend-setting and allow the user to experiment with style and imagination. She hopes that whomever puts on Lime Crime makeup will remain proud and fearless and gain self-esteem.

With vivid shades of lipstick in greens, yellows, purples, blues and squashes and even cement in gray, Lime Crime is unique and daring. It took a while to see her makeup hit the mainstream, but these days, Lime Crime can be seen on major stars like Katy Perry, Taryn Manning and FKA Twigs.

Doe Deere adores lip products, and her fans are thrilled that she keeps introducing more new colors that are both bright and opaque. The giant beauty companies that have always stayed within the safe traditions of makeup in nudes and red as the only bold, have just started featuring vivid palettes that mimic the Lime Crime philosophy.

Doe Deere advises young entrepreneurs to stick to their guns and follow their heart. Even when the majority is telling you your concept won’t work, ignore the negative and stay true to focus. Accept challenges and failures but always drive ahead. That way of thinking has worked for Doe Deere, and today, her company is soaring.

Lime Crime is vegan and cruelty-free and also sold by major retailers like Urban Outfitters.

The Success of Nutrimost

Weight gain, though aesthetically disliked also creates health issues that are often associated with an increase in the amount of fat in the body. According to NY Daily News, individuals with weight gain become more prone to weight related diseases such as heart issues, diabetes, and even high blood pressure. In scientific terms, weight gain creates an excess of visceral fat. Fat in the abdomen or anywhere else in the body puts a strain on internal organs and has a negative implication as to how the organs function. Though weight loss is not always easy, it is often noted to be necessary to improve health as well as confidence levels.
One company in particular has recognized the difficulty of weight loss. Individuals often do not have time to create a diet or even exercise in their busy schedule. That is why Nutrimost has created a Nutrimost Recipes plan that is individualized to each individual looking to lose weight in a healthy manner. Nutrimost has been proven to help individuals lose an average amount of five pounds per week. These tailored plans have even worked on the founder of the company who has tested this diet plan and has lost 38 pounds since. Other success stories have consisted of more weight loss.

Nutrimost is a unique company that recognizes that diets are not a one-size fits all phenomena. Individuals gain and lose weight at different speed and in different amounts. Rather than creating unattainable goals for dieters who do not have the time nor the drive to pursue them, Nutrimost has created a tailored plan for each individual. Nutrimost helps improve not only the weight of each dieter on the plan, but also has been able to improve the confidence levels through this program. NutriMost does this by creating attainable daily goals for every person on this diet plan. Source: https://nutrimost.com/members/weightloss/

The Athleisure Trend

You may have noticed the rise in a clothing trend in the past couple years. What you’ve been seeing is a style known as athleisure: athletic leisure clothing on thekrazycouponlady.com. This sporty style has become a very versatile fashion statement, and one you will see on your favorite celebrities. An article called it a “lifestyle” and went on to describe its greatness and influence on fashion.

In the article, it talks about how these clothing styles are mostly desired for comfort, while keeping s fresh, sleek look. You can even mix casual wear with athleisure to create a stylish look. Did you know that in 2014, two billion dollars was sold to consumers of athletic apparel? It only increased in 2015, and with the trend still going strong, it will certainly keep climbing in 2016. To read more from this article, visit: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gregpetro/2015/09/16/lululemon-nike-and-the-rise-of-athleisure/#540ea1524c1d

You’ve probably seen celebrity favorite, Kate Hudson, promoting her new line of athleisure apparel. Fabletics is widely known and popular for their cute styles and patterns of athletic apparel. Fabletics offers a subscription that sends athleisure to your door once month! Pretty exciting, right?! You can also just become a member and shop at your own leisure, if that is your preference. Once you see all the options available on the site, you’ll be hooked for sure. Not only that, but Fabletics has big plans to open several retail stores sighing the US this year, making it even easier to purchase these great styles!
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Fabletics on Pinterest

What’s great about Fabletics are the unique styles and patterns they have to offer- they are made exclusively for the line, and you can’t find them anywhere else! This growing brand is finding great success and satisfaction with their customers. Their wide variety is highly desirable and the prices are beyond reasonable. Check out Fabletics today!

Learn more about Fabletics:


European Union Refugee Crisis Concerns George Soros

The European Union faces one of the most difficult periods of its history in the coming years as the mounting problems caused by the influx of refugees from Syria multiply. CNBC reports one of the most outspoken critics of the problems facing the European Union, George Soros, has recently published an essay detailing how he would handle the situation in a fair and measured manner. Soros believes a plan can be created that will better that already created by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her counterpart in Turkey.

George Soros believes the current plan forces thousands of refugees to leave the safety of the European Union for Turkey in a bid to reduce the burden the governments and people of the European Union are facing. For George Soros the current plan does not reflect the values of the people of Europe or the European Union, which he feels should stand on the basis of its open borders policy; Soros believes the handling of the refugee crisis shows leaders of the European Union on http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp are incapable of making decisions with more than a short term fix in mind.

The life of George Soros has included many problems in his early life as a Nazi concentration camp survivor and refugee who completed his education in London. After beginning his own hedge fund in the 1960s George Soros found widespread fame for his role in the devaluation of the British Pound in 1992 when he added to his personal fortune that now stands at more than $25 billion. George Soros has used his personal wealth to form his own Open Society Foundations that looks to protect the human rights of people around the world.

Soros believes the European Union can absorb between 300,000 to 500,000 refugees each year on http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/ without placing too much strain on the continent if the influx is handled correctly. Soros feels the latest plan from Angela Merkel simply scrapes together enough money to forcibly move refugees to areas of the European Union and Turkey without their consent. Instead, George Soros believes the AAA credit rating of the European Union should be used to obtain a $34 billion loan that will create a basis for providing funding for each refugee entering the continent. George Soros believes creating the correct framework is key to making sure the refugee crisis does not destroy the European Union that is already threatened by the proposed exit from the union by the U.K.

Your dog deserves variation in his food

Every dog deserves the best food possible to keep them healthy and happy. Beneful dog food provides that with their varieties of foods for your pet.

At Nestle Purinastore Beneful they know that not all dogs need the same food throughout their lives and that is why if you own a puppy, the Healthy Puppy dry dog food might be the best choice. It is made with real chicken, peas and carrots which provide lots of nutritionist puppies need to grow healthy.

As your dog grows they can be switched to the Original brand of dry food which offers many choices, such as real beef or chicken and even salmon. The vegetables include things like peas and carrots and spinach. At Beneful they understand the growing years are the most important years of your dog’s life and they put that knowledge in their food.

There comes a time when we all put on a little weight and that even includes our pets. Picking the Healthy Weight brand from Beneful will provide your dog a good meal without the heaviness. The food included is chicken, apples, green beans and carrots. The heartiness without the calories will help your dog control the weight to maintain a long life.

Some dogs prefer wet food over dry food, especially smaller or older dogs. At Beneful they have thought of those needs and made wet food like Incredibites and Chopped Blends. In the Incredibites there are foods, such as real beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. In the Chopped Blends your pet will be eating things like turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach.

With all the varieties of food Beneful.com has to offer, your pet can eat healthy throughout all stages of his life.


Christian Broda and his Financial and Economic Based Drive

Christian Broda is a very diverse economist and financial professional. His education includes earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Universidad de San Andreas in 1997, a Master of Arts in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999 and a Doctorate in Economics also from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2001.

His experience includes three years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago for three years and a tenured Professor of Economics at the same educational institution and Associate Editor of the IMP Economic Review. Mr. Broda is also the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, based in New York.

He is a published Wall Street Journal author having written numerous articles and books on international finance and trade. His work has been published in such journals as the American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics and include “Product Creation and Destruction: Evidence and Price Implications” with David Weinstein, “Defining Price Stability in Japan: A View from America” with David Weinstein and “Terms of Trade and Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries.”

Forbes hedge fund manager Christain Broda’s expertise has also earned him several awards including the National Foundation Grant for his work entitled “The Impact of New and Better Goods in Domestic and International Prices. He is also a member of the American Economic Association, Society for economic Dynamics and Econometric Society.

Mr. Broda also offers advice to individuals who are interested in starting a hedge fund. It is a great way to build wealth without taking on a lot of personal risk, but it does require putting a few key pieces in place. The fund will need a chief financial advisor to offer oversight, as well as traders and junior analysts. The hedge fund will also need reliable and respected legal representation. It is important to choose a prime broker to make the actual trades and choosing a broker that has a proven track record is critical.

It will be necessary to attract funding to get off the ground and the idea is to find investors rather than the fund being self funded. This will be a difficult process and it is essential to be prepared to cater to the right investors. Part of being taken seriously is to have a professional office rather than working from the dining room table. If the operation looks professional, it will be easier to attract investors.




Why Having your own Wiki Page is Important for You

Wikipedia has easily become one of the most widely cited sources for general information, despite the fact that people are able to make edits with the proper verification. Many different companies, projects, or individuals have made their own wiki, or page on Wikipedia, in order to further their reputation and appear more professional. Learning to make a Wiki page can be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t have a proper writer or programmer. That is precisely why Get Your Wiki was made, a source for getting your wiki without all of the hassle.

Your following will be able to get a concentrated package of information that you provide them in a convenient form, with added tools to make your experience even better. Wiki’s also have a tendency to rank higher on search engines, making them an invaluable asset to your search engine optimization campaign. The more positive links that you have surrounding your brand or idea, the better response you will have. The best part is, getting your own wiki is quick. All it takes is the right time and the right Wiki editors for hire, or in this case, the right Wikipedia editing service. Get Your Wiki is one of the most popular services for on the fly updates & wiki building. They are quick, easy to work with, and most importantly affordable! Just because it’s important to have doesn’t mean it should cost you an arm and a leg, too!

There is a lot of planning and finesse you must have when you create a Wikipedia article, even though it’s not a difficult process. It’s knowing a proper layout, decorating, and expanding/personalizing your wiki that takes time and know-how. That’s exactly why Wiki writing services exist, and why they are so widely used vs doing it yourself. Plus, if you were to try and make a page on Wikipedia’s site, you’d have to go through their process. If you already have a page on wikipedia, you can link your wiki from Get Your Wiki to edit a Wikipedia page and have two different wikis for different purposes as well. That means that it’s still important to get your own external wiki regardless, because then you have control over what is changed and how it looks at all times.